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              Party A:



              乙方: 北京***翻译服务有限公司

              Party B: Beijing **** Translation Services Co., Ltd.

              地址: 北京市朝阳区****

              Address: **** Chaoyang  District, Beijing


              Both parties of Party A and Party B have signed the Translation Service Contract based on the principle of friendly cooperation and mutual development. The articles are as follows:


              1.Party A entrusts Party B with the translation service. Party A shall provide legible documents in time and give clear requirements and control the translation quality of Party B.


              2. Party B shall complete the translation work in time and deliver the translation by printed hard copy and a relevant disk within the agreed date (with the exception of the delay caused by Force Majeure)。 Details about the delivery time will be discussed between the two parties. For the urgent request, the delivery time will be discussed accordingly between the two parties.


              3.Party B shall guarantee that the quality of the translation and relevant service be up to the received evenhanded standard of the translation industry. In case any disputes arising from the quality of the translation material, it shall be settled through the judgment of a third party agreed by the two parties or apply to arbitration directly.

              四、翻译工作量统计:电子译稿:按电脑统计的中文版字符数计算(中文版Word2000 中 “不计空格的字符数”); 打印译稿:按中文原稿行数×列数统计计算(行×列)。

              4.Calculation of the load of translation: For electronic documents, the translation load shall be based on the statistics of the computer (Chinese Version Word2000 “Chinese characters not including blank spaces ”)。 For printed documents, the translation load shall be calculated according to lines of Chinese characters (the original printed copy), i.e. lines × rows.

              五、乙方按优惠价格向甲方收取翻译费用:英译汉为 元/千字符(十万字以上)。

              5.Party B will charge the translation project from Party A with favorable price: For English–Chinese RMB / 1000 Chinese characters and marks(More than 100000 Chinese characters and marks)。






              6. Party B can evaluate and notice Party A the estimated translation fee before the launch of the project. Party A shall pay to Party B the amount of translation fee according to the actually calculated load of translation (as specified in Clause 4 of this Contract)。 Below is the bank information of Party B.

              Account name: Beijing Sunwise Translation Services Co., Ltd.

              Bank: ICBC World Trade Branch

              Account number:****************

              Exchange #:****


              7. Party B promises to provide necessary modifications to the translation documents free of charge after the delivery.

              八、付款方式:甲方在收到乙方译稿的当日按实际费用先支付乙方翻译总费用的50%,余款应在交稿后的30 日内付清,如第35日余款还未付清,则甲方每延误一天需要向乙方交纳翻译总费用5‰的滞纳金。

              8. Terms of payment: Party A should pay Party B 50% of the total payment when the translated document is delivered(on the same day)。 The remaining 50% will be paid fully within 30 days. When the payment is not received in 35 days, a late payment charge of 5‰ daily is applied.


              9.Party B shall keep confidentiality of any documents provided by Party A and can not disclose to the third party.


              10.This contract is written in duplicates, one for each party and shall come into force after being signed and sealed by both Party A and Party B.


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