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            In all ages, love is an eternal subject. The research on it has never ended. As for the definition of love, everyone has his understanding. Someone thinks it is a hope on internal spirit, while others think it is bread, an accessory of money or power. Whatever their comprehensions are, perfect love is always moving. Many classical love stories make a clear definition of love: love is a sacrifice for each other. However, it is just endowed with a perfect sense, how many people could achieve that? After reading the love story about Elizabeth Ⅰ, this view is strengthened. Elizabeth Ⅰ refused to marry her lover because of power, and used the marriage as a chip of diplomatic policy, therefore, she is destined to be single for a whole life. In modern society, love is depreciating. It is becoming a tool to get fame, material desire and sexual desire. Although love is great, it is also in the shade in front of some material things. In this dog-eat-dog age, love is just a tool to get selfish desire.
            Key Words
            Love; marriage; diplomatic policy; interests

            摘 要

            What is love? People from generation to generation try their best to define it. In dictionary, love is defined as follows: love, noun. 1. A strong feeling; 2.a strong rely; 3.an attract based on sex; 4.a person who is loved. But people do not want to waste time to look it up. Love is a kind of strong experience about life. The definition of love seems to be an imperfect and dull one. What is love? Maybe 100 people have 100 definitions. In fact, love is a kind of strong experience about life. How much the power of love? It is said that the power of love is huge. It can make a person from live to death. However, there is a love in the history that can change the destiny of a country. Whose love is so powerful? It is England queen — Elizabeth Ⅰ.It is just because of her marriage that her nation got 13 peace years became the navy overlord. For her people, she was a great monarch; for herself, she was a lonely woman. Because in the name of love, she sacrificed her love to get power.

            I. Definition of love
            A. Different Definition of Love under Different Situations
            In the Indian story Gain Two Kingdoms, a famous prostitute said to a hermit which was attracted by her “love is some happy experience of sense of touch between two people.” Of the two people, one is a man, the other is a woman. They are very interested in each other that have the same experience. Her definition of love includes cardinal happiness, which is very suitable for her career. People under different cultures and ages also have different understanding about it. In some ages, people believed that love contains the element of sex; while in some other ages, they thought love was a noble and no sexy experience. The hero in The Love Affair in Cholera Days got an answer after suffering from the torture of sided-love. “Just take love as a favor, it is not a measure to reach any purpose, but a start and end of a matter. Love itself is a purpose”. So his view is that love is a circle. It is a goal about itself; the process of love is a purpose, and it returns to itself at last. But what is perfect love? Love in the story means a matter happening once in people’s life.
            B.Perfect Love’s not Existing in Our Present Society
            Just like food can be used to entice the one you love, it is also used to symbolize love. The metaphor of love not only describes the happiness of sense organ, but also the essential need of lovers. The story of an aboriginal Australia resident named A Dexterous Girl Who Can Make Pretty Handbags. A quiet girl Lawanda loved a hunter whose name is Jodi. When her family went to a place that is very far to attend a ceremony, she was left alone. When Jodi knew that, he went to pick her up. On the way to her home, he hunted some beasts as her present. When he saw her, she was about to sink in a faint because of hunger and miss. He gave her food and watched her eating them, and then he said he wanted to marry her. He took her to attend the ceremony where her family has been there. The metaphorical

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