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            In his theory of psychoanalysis, Freud introduced the term “Oedipus complex” also called “Mother fixation” according to the Ancient Greece and Rome mythology in which Oedipus who killed his father and married his mother to designate a boy’s strong love for and attachment to his mother and consequent jealousy and hatred towards his father. Unconsciously the boy may even nourish a desire to kill his father and marry his mother. This is a crucial stage in the normal psycho-sexual developmental process, and those who fail to pass the stage will be unable to establish a normal man-woman relationship when they grow up. After introducing the origin and understanding of Mother Fixation, the thesis points out that D. H. Lawrence, together with his works, especially Sons and Lovers, is a specific evidence of the Oedipus complex. In the traditional Chinese family culture,combining with some of the special relationship of the sons and mothers and the conflicts between the mothers and daughters-in-law they reveals the phenomenon and essence of Mother Fixation. The thesis firstly explains the understanding and analyzes the study status of Mother Fixation at home and abroad. Secondly, it gets evidence of Mother Fixation from the lifetime of Lawrence. Finally, it analyzes the work sons and loves. With the depiction of wars between the dramatis personas Mrs. Morel and the lovers of her son Paul, psychological dependence and the abnormal love of the mother and son, the ambivalence and the tragedy of the dramatis personas, it reveals to us that how Mother Fixation injure the body and soul of people.
            Key Words
            Mother Fixation; psychological dependence; specific evidence; abnormal love

            摘 要

            Mother Fixation was a sensitive subject in the literature world that research about it was not much; Freud was also lack of specific evidence for it that was posed by him. In the 20th century, the work sons and lovers aroused a great sensation in the literature world that people put their attention to Mother Fixation. Most people believed that it was a strong evidence for Freud’s theory-Mother Fixation.
            In the work sons and lovers, Mrs. Gertrude morel, the mother, was a woman of strong character and refinement. Her husband was a miner who drank heavily and he was irresponsible which often led to terrible quarrels in the family. Paul Morel grew up in such a miserable setting. The mother lavished her love on him and determined to save him from the shadow of the coal mine. But when he was in love with Miriam, Mrs. Morel was afraid that she might lose him so she did her best to come between them. Finally, the two lovers had to divorce from each other. A second attachment, to Clara, gradually fizzled out, too clearly, both failures were caused by the possessive mother, it was not only until the mother died that the son began to find for his true love earnestly. It is one of the greatest autobiographical novels of the last century and it is loved far and wide in the world.
            Although Lawrence denied this, his family background was so like the dramatic persona Paul’s. He was in love with the wife of a professor; the woman of three children was 6 years older than Lawrence made up for the loss of his mother. From Lawrence and his work Sons and Lovers we should learn something about it.

            Ⅰ.The Understanding of Mother Fixation
            A. The Origin of Mother Fixation
            In one of the ancient Greece and Rome mythologies there was a prophecy that the new prince of Oedipus realm would be the person who kill his father and married his mother, after hearing the prophecy, the Oedipus King decided to dissent his son to the desolate mountain. Luckily, the young prince was rescued and brought up by a shepherd and was sent to Oedipus realm country as the son of Oedipus realm. The prince did a lot of charitable deed that the people regarded him as a hero and then supported him as the king of Oedipus realm. Becoming the king of Oedipus realm, the young king married the queen of Oedipus realm. One day he knew the truth

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