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            A famous man has once said that women hold half the sky. A wise writer has said that half the man is a woman. In fact, women are just like the deep-hidden treasure which has not been explored completely. It is not deniable that with the economic globalization, knowledge economy and China’s entry into the WTO, women have stepped into a bigger arena. Women have a better sense of interpersonal relationship, family and business success. They have the desire to be admitted by the society. But all these good wishes are not easy to accomplish. This paper gives some suggestions to women hoping to get success in career, family and interpersonal relationship through the analysis of the main characters Scarlet and Melanie in the famous masterpiece Gone with the Wind. In terms of success in career, women can learn from Scarlet and cultivate the ability of innovation, self-confidence and self-trust. As for success in family life, women can learn Melanie’s trust, respect and love. To succeed in interpersonal relationship, women can follow Scarlet to use beauty properly to attract others, and follow Melanie to use her internal beauty to win others’ respect and trust.
            Key Words
            ideal woman; career; family life; interpersonal relationship.

            摘 要

            Shakespeare, a famous playwright, has said that the name of the women was frailty. For a long time, women were slaves of men. Women were vulnerable and could not protect themselves, nor could they have their own fate in hand. What the women could do was just to obey men’s order. (Yun Zhou, 3)
            But as time goes by, with the development of society, women’s stature has improved a lot. Women in 21st century are not what they were centuries ago. Modern women have changed a lot and have their unique characters and features.
            With the development of advanced science and technology, economic globalization and the arrival of knowledge era, the society today is no longer dominated by men. Women have been the masters of the other half of the sky. Women can control their own fate and they have the right to decide what to do or what not to do .Men and women are equal.(Xin Ran, 4)

            Ⅰ. Present Social Situation of Women
            Some novels and fictions create the images of women who are successful in career and gain respect from people. But these images are just the good wishes of the writers. The reason why these writers create such heroines is partly that in real life under that background, women can not easily succeed either in family life, career or interpersonal relationship.
            An ideal woman is one who should at least be successful in career, family and interpersonal relationship. But do not be scared of the three goals which seem difficult to achieve. To be an ideal woman, one can get some inspiration or suggestions from Scarlet and Melanie, the two heroines in Gone with the Wind.
            Ⅱ. Suggestions on How to Achieve Success in Business for a Woman
            A. Features and Advantages of Scarlet
            Today’s society is full of serious competitions. The pressure, as well as the perplexing social situation makes people worried. Women easily get lost or lose heart facing the failure or obstacles or difficulties. Then what can women do or what measures can women take to overcome the difficulties and finally achieve success in business? Let’s have a look at Scarlet in Gone with the Wind.
            In Scarlet’s era, it was men’s world, and women accepted doctrines such as the beliefs that the men owned the property, while women manage it. Men took the credit for the management, and women praised his cleverness. Men roared like a bull when a splinter was in his finger, and the women muffled the moans of childbirth, least she disturbed him. Men were usually drunk and spoke angrily to women, while women were usually kind, gracious and forgiving.
            Born in such a society, Scarlet was a rebellious girl. At that time all men felt that
            the wife should be guided by her husband’s superior knowledge, accept his opinions fully and have none of her own. But Scarlet intended to run the mill herself, which was a big shock to her husband as well as other men and women in that county. In fact seldom ha

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