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            Clever brother聪明的弟弟

            文章分类:初中 发表时间:2017-3-27 21:14:12
            Clever brother聪明的弟弟




            I have a brother, he looks tiger head, very cute! He would like to talk to like to keep pestering me ask this question, dig root, like a "small question mark"!我有一个弟弟,他长得虎头虎脑,很是可爱!他从会说话就喜欢不停地缠着我问这个问那个,刨根问底,就像一个“小问号”!




            In the morning, the sun father came out from the east, according to the body warm and warm. My brother came to ask me: "brother, why the sun came out from the east!" I thought for a moment, said: "Because the sun's home in the east ah." Brother and curious and blinked and asked: "The sun does not move? Do not move it? "My brother asked me to ask this question, and some dumbfounding.早上,太阳公公从东边出来了,照在身上特暖和。弟弟跑过来问我:“哥哥,太阳为什么从东边出来呀!”我想了一会儿说:“因为太阳的家在东边呀。”弟弟又好奇地眨着眼睛问:“太阳不搬家吗?洪水来了也不搬吗?”弟弟这问题问得我既无言以对,又有些哭笑不得。




            My brother not only love to ask, but also like to study the problem.我的弟弟不仅爱问,也喜欢研究问题。




            My cat is climbing the roof every day during the day, lazily basking in the sun to sleep, and in the evening began to work to catch the mouse. My brother met and became a curious baby, "my brother, my family's cats why do not work during the day, but rather out at night to catch the mouse?" I impatiently said: "do not know, want to go!" Did not think his brother really Go and study the cat that is sleeping. Cats do not care about him, his brother or in that dedication to study the cat, but also scratching his head contemplation! In the evening, he did not rest, continue to follow the cat behind the ass. The next day, I casually asked: "You observe the results did not?" I did not expect his brother said solemnly: "I know, because the daytime people, mice do not come out at night people are sleeping, the mouse came out to eat food , So the cat changed to work at night, sleep during the day. "Finished, but also kept asking me:" Brother, you said I said right? "I heard, really convinced, Brother to come我家的猫每天白天爬上屋顶,懒洋洋地晒着太阳睡大觉,到了晚上就开始工作抓老鼠。弟弟见了又变成了好奇宝宝, “哥哥,我家的猫为什么白天不劳动,偏要晚上出来抓老鼠呢?”我不耐烦地说:“不知道,自己想去!”没想到弟弟真地跑去研究正在睡觉的猫。猫才不理他呢,弟弟还是在那专心致志地研究猫,还挠着头沉思呢!到了晚上,他也不休息,继续跟在猫屁股后面观察。第二天,我漫不经心地问:“你观察出结果没?”没想到弟弟一本正经地说:“我知道了,因为白天人多,老鼠不出来,晚上人们都睡觉了,老鼠才出来偷吃粮食,因此,猫就改为晚上工作,白天睡觉了。”说完,还一个劲地问我:“哥哥,你说我说的对吗?”我听了,真是心服口服,打心眼里佩服起弟弟来。




            This is my brother, a diligent, good at exploring the little boy, you say he pleasing?这就是我的弟弟,一个勤问、善于探索的小男孩,你说他讨人喜欢吗?



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