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            国庆节英语手抄报资料 1

            文章分类:初中 发表时间:2017-7-11 17:04:21

             Hi,everybody! I am Chen luming.I'm a student. I like the nature. I like painting pictures, reading, listening to the music,making the movement and so on.

              My house is close to The Pheonix Hill park.There are many colourful flowers and tall trees around it. Beside the park, there is a small lake inside the park and the water inside is pure.I like the winter in Pheonix Hill park. There I saw many children playing last winter. Some of them were fighting with snow balls, some of them were making snowmen, I had a good time with my parents there. I have seven-day long vacation during the National Day. I went to Pheonix Hill park with my parents. It is very beautiful, we had a good time there.The National Day is a happy holiday, wish our motherland always beautiful and prosperous. Ihope my motherland is becoming better than today.


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