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            英语作文点评:Life in the future

            文章分类:初中 发表时间:2012-12-6 21:56:10
            点评:Life in the future

              The life in the future will be more better than now.

              First ,people will have they own robot in the home.So they will not do them homework.Because the robot can do it.

              Next ,people will live to be 200 years old .

              People will live under the sea on summer.Because the weather is too hot.So people will live under the sea .People

              will take car less  than today.Because the pollution is very important.People will go to the moon for a vacation.

              what do you think so?

            批 改 老 师: 段老师
            评       分: 75分
            级       别: 优良
            评       语:


            1.will be more(去掉more) better

            2.will have they (their)own

            3. will not do them(their) homework

            4.under the sea on(in) summer

            5. too hot.So (, 然后去掉so)people

            6.People will take car less  than today . people will less take a car than today.

            7.(前加, because)Because the pollution is very important.(改为serious)

            8.  what do you think so?改为Do you think so?


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