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            Let the world be full of love.
            We live in a world filled with love, in this world, regardless of wealth, or poor, regardless of is loving or being loved, is a happy, happy, happy. Because they have a loving protection. In this world, love is great, selfless. Only by living in the world of love, you will never grow up healthy and sound, be light of heart from care growth.
            In everybody's eyes, the feeling of love is different. Some people think, family harmony and happiness. On starting his own people, and support, is happiness. And for old people, Kome Kojun is happy.
            There is love, as long as the careful observation can be found. As long as you have the broad mind, with a tolerant heart of others, so love and happiness will find you, to make you happy.
            在我的记忆深处,有这么一件事情那天下午,放学回家的路上,老远看见一辆自行车横在前面的路口,车周围还有两三个人。走近一看,只见一个五六岁的女孩一只脚被别在了自行车后的车条里,孩子的父亲托着女孩的上身,母亲扶着车。这一急需别人帮助的一幕就发生在我眼前,可我在一旁,却帮不上任何忙。两位家长谁也脱不开身,面对着这意外的事故,只有面面相觑,谁也无能为力。    “嘀嘀”,一辆满载着乘客的出租车驶了过来,开到自行车旁,出租车突然停住了,司机一纵身跳下车,顺手把车上的钳子拿了下来,说道:“孩子的脚别在车里了吧,我这有钳子。”他一边说,一边就搬弄起来。     
            In the depths of my memory, there is such a thing that afternoon, on my way home from school, can see a bike cross in front of the crossing, vehicles around two or three people. A closer look, and saw a girl of five or six years old one foot was not in his bicycle after the spokes, the child's father is holding the girl's body, the mother on the car. This is badly in need of help one act happening right in front of me, and I in the side, but will not help any busy. Two parents who also held up, in the face of this accident, only being at a loss what to do, who is incapable of action. " Beep beep ", a bus filled with passengers, the taxi drove up, to the bicycle, the taxi stopped suddenly, the driver jumped off the car, turn the pliers down, said: " the child's feet don't in the car, I have the pliers. " He said, you show up.

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