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            Read a book about 1000 words
            Recently, I carefully read " who moved my cheese ", feeling a lot of.
            The book has four roles, mouse sniff and scurry, dwarfs hem and haw, sniff, able to sniff out changes in the atmosphere, hurried can rapidly make action, while the dwarfs hem and haw, is afraid of who denies and resists change. Obviously, most of us are more like hem and haw, is afraid of " no cheese " hunger and shabby, is also afraid of looking for " new cheese" hardships and dangers.
            Living in this world, will not admit it changing attribute, regardless of is the spiritual dimension of emotion, or physical philosophy. Lyrics so sing: not be I do not understand, this world is changing quickly. However, because of human nature, we are eager to live in comfort, warm environment, no wind sways grass. Scared, no hard Laughton's pain, so, we would be less experience vicissitudes, my tortured and mutilated, but the problem is, things are always implicitly or explicitly changing. Had change, we know that parents will be old and filial piety, family, friendship and love that needs to pay a sweat to cultivate, know the children grow up we need to educate and guide ... ...
            The world is changing, with variable results, let us continue to enrich knowledge and emotion, know what memories and continuous progress, only this, we can always " bengqi ' ears ' time, listen to the voice of the past and the future " ( Dumas - ), can a sniff and scurry, can " enjoy the cheese " did not forget the advent of change, becoming more stable and mature.

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