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            I admire most is my mother.
            Why do you say that? Because, everyone's life is a mother, without the mother, also have you now?
            I think the world all mothers have a loving heart, will take good care of you, love you, will pay all costs to raise your adult, I hope you do the pillars of the motherland, for the motherland. The total will not have to pay all costs which mother gave birth to you, there is I like rubbish up and throw it away, at least my mom is not such.
            Sometimes, I get any honors in the school, my mother would smile, looked at the mother's smile, my heart than eating honey still sweet. Her face is change. Although mother sometimes because I do not listen still beat and scold me, but I know my mother is good for me, because I know that all mothers love their children, but expressed in different ways: some more strict with their children, or their children like baby love. My mother is the first type, but she is not without any cause or reason to criticize me, but with a deep sense of criticism.
            Once, my mother came home from work, I always do the homework, turning to peek at the TV, was very angry," to do homework carefully done, can do two things at one time." My mother criticized me said," you see, the TV in fall!" I listened, immediately began to concentrate on doing homework. After dinner, I sat on the sofa to watch TV, my mother came to see me, and watch TV, and said:" you see!" Mother said angrily, stretched out his hand over by my ear. " You don't do your homework." The mother continued to criticize," while you watch TV, while doing homework, can do it?! So you work all be so late." Then, I will conscientiously to do my homework. From then on, I remember this lesson, home from school every day adhere to finish your homework before you watch TV for a while, homework never dragged.

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