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            Wrote my mother a letter of thanks
            Dear mother
            First of all thank you for these eight years, you give me love, from my babble out one's first speech sounds, is your patience to teach me every pronunciation; in my learning to walk, you are there right by my side with your hands to protect me; when I have progress, you are always better than I do. Praise me; when I was frustrated, you always encourage me, help me to analyse the reasons for the failure; when I get sick, you take care of me day and night,,,
            From my born, you give up your job, undivided attention in the care of my brother and me, others can not always understand laugh yourself silly, but you are always happy to say:" the children's growth is priceless, also do not have, I didn't earn enough money to return to education, that on the trip, I gave them life, they should be on their head."
            Remember the year I started the first grade, the weather suddenly cooling, I was wearing very little clothing shivering with cold, when the class is also no class, just think and do not belong to themselves, class is cold did not dare go out, only to hear a student say: " Gong Jie, your mother is here." I went out to look, I saw my mother was out in a cold sweat, I will know that you are still ill, are you endured the pain to send me my sweater,,, my tears have brim over with tears.
            Mama you hard, I really don't know how to thank you! I know I did not let you worry less, I also know my bad habits and inadequate, but please believe me, in the days to come, I will get rid of the bad habit, do a make you proud of her daughter, I will use my actions to repay you for everything, finally I want to say:" Mom, you are the greatest mother, I love you forever1

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