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            Unit1 Cultural Relics 检测题
            I. 选择填空
            1. When the rescue workers arrived, they were sad to see what _____ of the relics after the big fire. .
            A. was remained       B. remained           C. was made         D. made
            2.  If you want to do well in a examination, you had better get yourself into your best ____just before it.
            A. condition      B. state       C. situation     D. position
            3.  Just have little patience. We will _____ the case as soon as we have time.
            A. look for       B. look into     C. look up      D. look at
            4.  I have never fancied _____ such a house with such a beautiful garden.
            A. to have    B. having       C. to belong to        D. belonging to
            5.  When the people in the area heard the news that a rare vase which was used by an emperor during the Ming Dynasty was buried somewhere near their homes, they all went out _____ it.
            A. to search      B. to look at      C. in search for    D. in search of
            6.  Water can be turned into gases if temperature______ high enough.
            A. is risen     B. rises        C. is heated    D. is raised
            7.  What else would you like to add _____ what you have already said?
            A. besides        B. except        C. except for      D. beside
            8.  The stadium is so _____ that once it is begun, nothing can be changed.
            A. planned           B. made       C. designed       D. produced
            9.  You can’t imagine the trouble we had _____ the drowning child.
            A. to save            B. saving         C. saved       D. save
            10.  If you want to be a creative writer, you have to form your own ______ of writing.
            A. manners          B. style         C. type          D. ability
            11.  Thank you for _____ me of the meeting which I would otherwise have forgotten.
            A. remembering      B. telling        C. reminding    D. recalling
            12.  The foreign guests gave us some jewels like precious stones, gold rings and so on as gifts, but we didn’t know what to give them _____.
            A. in turn           B. in return       C. in reward      D. in honor
            13.  The student you considered ______hardest failed to pass the important examination.
            A. to have studied    B. having studied      
            C. to study           D. studying
            14.  It is said that if a mirror is broken for no reasons, bad luck is likely to strike, but I really ____it.
            A. doubt            B. believe            C. think       D. support
            15.  It is really a wonder that _____ fell down from a ten-storey building to the ground without getting the least damage.
            A. your furnitures                     B. that piece of your furniture
            C. those pieces of your furnitures       D. your that furniture
            16.  The lazy bone pretended ______ earnestly when his father came into his study to see what he was doing.
            A. studying     B. to study      C. to be studying      D. to have studied
            17.  More evidence is needed _____that your maid _____ your money when you were away on business.
            A. proving; stole                          B. to prove; has stolen 
            C. to be proved; has stolen               D. to prove; stole
            18.  What seems a treasure to you may _____a useless thing _____ others.
            A. be proved; to      B. prove; for     C. be proved; for   D. prove; to
            19.  When the sailors went into the old castle with _____ candles on the lonely island, they were surprised to find its walls _____ with beautiful paintings of different times.
            A. lighted; covering   B. lit; covered 
            C. lighted; covered    D. lit; covering
            20.  Anything _____ public interests has to be decided _____ the opinion of the majority.
            A. which concerns; in       B. that concerns about; in
            C. concerns; in          D. concerning; in
            21.  Most politicians are not ______ in that country. Which of the following is not OK?
            A. well thought of    B. highly thought of   
            C. thought of well    D. much thought of
            22.  Do you think it possible to _____ a human being apart, e-transmit it to somewhere and then reconstruct it?
            A. tell              B. take              C. put               D. tear
            23.  People with different personalities have different learning styles. Some learn best by _____ and error; some learn best by listening and seeing.
            A. doing             B. trial         C. try           D. testing
            24.  The two countries are on good terms now. It is five years since they _____war.
            A. went into         B. were at        C. were in        D. started
            25. ______no doubt that someone _____ the wooden box containing the most precious treasures from the carrier under the cover of darkness.
            A. It is; removed       B. There is; removed  
            C. It is; moved        D. there is; moved
            II. 完形填空
                                       The Great Wall of China
                  The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world. It   26   from west to east, 27  mountains,  28  valleys and finally  29  the sea.
                  The Great Wall has a history of over two   30  years. People began to  31  the wall  32  the spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history. In about 221 BC Qin Shihuang had all the walls   33   .  34   , the Great Wall came to the world. The Great Wall is   35   6,000 kilometers long, 6-7 meters high and 4-5 meters wide. In most places it is   36   enough for five horses or ten men to walk   37   along the top. It was very   38   to build   39   a great wall in the old   40  . Thousand of men   41   when they built it. The Great Wall was made not only of stones, but millions of   42   .
                    Today, the Great Wall has become a place   43   interest not only to the Chinese but also to people all over the world.   44   the Egyptians feel proud

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