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            Unit 2 The Olympic Games检测题
            A. 单词拼写:请根据汉语提示或首字母写出单词的正确形式
            1. An h________ man should always tell the truth.
            2. In the Olympic Games athletes c_____________ with each other for medals.
            3. We've had 200 applicants (申请人) for the job, but we only plan to i________ about 20 of them.
            4. This kind of car is a__________ on TV every day. You can easily find out its description and the price you want.
            5. Before the Civil War in America, Negroes were s__________.
            6. London will _________ (主办) the 30th Olympic Games.
            7. The man __________ (承认) that he murdered a little girl and may be sentenced to death.
            8. You should ______ (保证) not to lend it to others if you want to use it.
            9. This kind of change is called ___________ (物理) change.
            10. How many ___________ (奖牌) did China get in the 28th Olympic Games?
            B. 句型转换:根据A句句义,用本单元所学的句型或短语完成B 句, 使其句义相同或相近。
            11. A: They started early in order to get there on time.
            B: They started early _____ ______ _____ they might get there on time.
            12. A: As a matter of fact, everyone wants to host the Olympic Games.
            B: ______ ______, everyone wants to host the Olympic Games.
            13. A: He is so young that he can’t join the army.
            B: He is ______ young _____ ______ the army.
            14. A: He is so clever that he could solve the problem.
            B: He is clever ______ _____ ______ the problem.
            15. A: A man called Li Ming is asking to see you at the gate.
            B: A man who ______ _______ Li Ming is asking to see you at the gate.
            C. 完成句子:
            16. — _______ ________ (多久一次) do you go home to have a rest?
            — We go home to have a rest _______ _______ _______ (每隔两周).
            17. Speaking __________ an important ______ _____ (起作用) learning English.
            18. Have you _______ ________ (听人说起过) him since then?
            19. She has a great gift for music and _______ _______ _______ (有可能成为) a musician.
            20. When you meet with new words in reading, you needn’t ______ _______ _______ (查找) in your dictionary.
            21. He is ________ honest man and he has been waiting for over ______ hour.
            A. a; a         B. an; a        C. a; an          D. an; an
            22. When will your daughter ___________the entrance examination?
            A. join       B. take part in    C. attend         D. take
            23. We all sang high praise for the important part he _______  in this match.
            A. played     B. did    C. had            D. took
            24. Roses need special care _____ they can live through winter.
            A. because        B. so that         C. even if          D. as
            25. ________ get a good seat, he set out early after supper.
            A. In order to       B. So that          C. So as to         D. In order that
            26. Where someone is born and what a person looks like is not as important as ____ he or she grows up to be.
            A. which        B. what           C. how         D. where
            27. When I was at school, I _____ up very late, reading storybooks.
            A. used to stay           B. was used to stay
            C. used to staying        D. is used to staying
            28. She watches TV ___ evening and changes channels(频道) ____ few minutes.
            A. in; every      B. every; every     C. every; each       D. every; in
            29. Tom admitted ______ in the examination and he was not admitted _____ the school at last.
            A. to cheat; to   B. cheating; to    C. to cheat; as    D. cheating; as
            30. Which do you enjoy _____ your weekends, fishing or watching TV?
            A. spending         B. to spend           C. being spent      D. spent
            31. The road is covered with snow. I can't understand ______they insist on going by motor-bike.
            A. why                B. whether           C. when           D. how
            32. It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, ___________if you can’t speak the language.
            A. extremely  B. naturally    C. basically  D. especially
            33. ______ the danger from enemy action, people had to deal with the lack of food, clothing, fuel, and almost everything.
            A. As far as       B. As long as      C. As well as       D. As soon as
            34 .___________was known to all, William had broken his promise ___________ he would give us a rise.
            A. As; which       B. As; that        C. It; that  D. It; which
            35. You should not pay too much attention to all of the differences between ______ culture and your own.
            A. other          B. the other        C. some others      D. another
            Nowadays it is found that school students seldom pay much attention to sports. Is it because they have no   36    in sports? It may not be the fact. They often say they have    37   more important things to do.
            38  are these important things? Examinations! They have to  39    themselves for the most important School Certificates of Education Examination(毕业会考), and also to    40    with the test and the exams in school. So many of them tend to     41   bookworms.
            In the summer holidays of the former years they could do    42    they liked, but in the summer holidays of the    43    years, they have to    44    all their time to the preparation. So studies have    45    them from going in sports.
            Because of the pressure    46    their parents and teachers, they have to work harder and spend most of their time on books. Many parents    47    their children to pass this examination in order to get a stepping stone for hi

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