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            Unit3 Computers检测题
            I. 选择填空
            (   )1. Put the following events_______ according to the time when they happened and then put
            them ______ of  their importance in history.
            A. in order; in order               B. in the order; in an order  
            C. in an order; in order            D. in order; in order
            (   )2.  Though the experiment didn’t ______ as it had been planned, the result was still ______.
            A. work out; satisfied                       B. carry out; satisfying 
            C. turn out; pleased                         D. work out; satisfactory
            (   )3.  _______what they have achieved in the past five years, we still have to long way to go.
            A. Comparing with    B. Compared with      C. Comparing to   D. Compare to
            (   )4. Though different body movements mean different things in different cultures, ______smile is ______ accepted as a sign of happiness or being friendly.
            A. the; universally   B. the; usually   C. a; globally   D. a; universal
            (   )5. The procedures(程序) of operating a computer have been ______ several times, the results of which have made it much easier _______.
            A. cut down; to operate                 B. simplified; to be operated 
            C. reduced; to be operated              D. simplified; to operate
            (   )6. Artificial intelligence can never be equal ________ .
            A. with that of us real humans                B. to us real humans 
            C. to that of us real humans                  D. with us real humans
            (   )7. A computer can think logically and work millions and millions of times faster than a human but it _____ never replace humans because it has to ________ to work.
            A. may; be programmed                     B. can; program    
            C. should; program                        D. can; be programmed
            (   )8. The application of the Internet is considered as a revolution in computer science, _______, computers could be connected with _______ to share information.
            A. as a result; one after another        B. as the result, one another
            C. as a result; one another               D. as the result; one to the other
            (   )9. _______time goes by, computers are made smaller and smaller and nobody knows for sure how small _______ be made but there must be a limit.
            A. With; they can    B. As; they can  
            C. When; they can    D. While; can they
            (   )10. With more applications to be invented ______ computers, they are sure, for the most part, to improve our life quality.
            A. for                B. to               C. with           D. of
            (   )11. Apart from being applied in such fields _______ communication, finance and trade, computers also play an very important part in making mobile phones, medical operations ________ in space exploration.
            A. like; as long as     B. as; as well as      
            C. like; as good as     D. as; as far as
            (   )12. Whatever you say about what I did the other day, I meant no harm to you ________.
            A. in a way          B. by the way         C. anyway           D. on the way
            (   )13.  _______ the help of this new type of calculator, people will be able to _______ much faster with more accurate figures as a result.
            A. With; calculate     B. Under; work out   
            C. By; make out        D. For; count
            (   )14. A lot of technical problems have to be solved ______ this new type of digital camera _______its appearance in market.
            A. when; makes        B. until; will make    
            C. before; makes      D. after; will make
            (   )15. Computers have been made ______ clever that they can ______ problems like humans _______.
            A. such; deal with; in a way                 B. so; do with; in a way
            C. such; do with; in the way                 D. so; deal with; in a way
            (   )16. I do hope that one day the Chinese language will become a ______ language, that is, everyone in the world will communicate in it.
            A. common           B. universal          C. popular            D. special
            (   )17. Misunderstanding is likely to ______ if people fail to communicate with each other.
            A. raise              B. rise              C. arise       D. add up
            (   )18. ----Has she agreed to the date for the meeting?
            ----Well, that’s _____ she disagrees
            A. what              B. where            C. when        D. which
            (   )19. There were _____ many people in the zoo _____ it was hard to get through the crowd to see the animals.
            A. such; that         B. so; that      C. too; that    D. quite; that
            (   )20. If you want to know more information about the Analytical Machine, ______ the following Website:
            A. see              B. visit           C. look for         D. search
            (   )21. ________your naughty niece closely and don’t let her ________ my regular sleep in the afternoon.
            A. Watch out; ruin     B. Watch over; spoil  
            C. Watch on; destroy   D. Watch out; spoil
            (   )22. When your computer begins to run slow, it is a ______ that it has been attacked by computer virus.
            A. signal            B. symbol       C. reality          D. character
            (   )23. Coughing and sneezing _____ the coming of a bad cold.
            A. sign            B. signal          C. express         D. present
            (   )24. ______ how much the trip will cost and see if you can afford it.
            A. See            B. Calculate        C. Count         D. Work at
            (   )25. _______, I am determined not to play computer games and ______myself in doing something meaningful.
            A. From now on; employ               B. From now on; bury 
            C. Since now on; devote              D. From today on; explore
            Ⅱ. 完形填空
            As for daily life, I think that we will be able to  26  most of our shopping by  27  and this wil

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