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            Unit4 Wildlife Protection 检测题
            1. This book _____ ten units, ______ three mainly revision.
            A. contains; including   B. includes; containing 
            C. contains; containing   D .includes; including
            2. Cattle’s two ____ help them to digest food and their fur to keep them warm.
            A. stomaches     B. heart     C. stomachs     D. hearts
            3. She decided to apply _____ the boss _____ the new position.
            A. to, to     B. for, for     C. to, for    D. for, to
            4. I’ll finish the job ____ I come across great difficulty.
            A. however   B. even though   C. no matter   D. as though
            5. John, get up! I’m afraid you won’t have time to ______ before going out.
            A. get to change   B. get changing    C. get change  D. get changed
            6. The accident ______ her careless.
            A. resulted from   B. resulted in   C. as a result of     D. as a result
            7. The students were told that they       at the school gate at 2:00 o’clock the following afternoon.
            A. met           B. will meet       C. were to meet     D. were met
            8. ----I ____ to a party, but I’ve got nothing to wear.
               ---- Why don’t you have a dress made for the party?
            A. was asked     B. will ask   C. have asked   D. have been asked
            9. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I _____ the cloth _____ well.
            A. have told; washed               B. have been told; washes
            C. was told; washed                D. have been told; is washed
            10. This is one of the happiest days ____ spent in my life.
            A. that have ever been            B. that has never been
            C. which was ever                 D. we have spent
            11. He is wearing sunglasses to ____ his eyes from the strong sunlight.
            A. protect     B. hold   C. stop   D. prevent
            12. With ____ news coming, the trapped villagers grew more and more worried.
            A. no longer   B. no more    C. not any longer    D. not any more
            13. The movie once ____ a whole generation of people. They proved to be of much _____ in the education of people.
            A. affected effect         B. effected affect      
            C. effected effect         D. affected affect
            14. Great attention must be paid ____ welfare, especially in the poor area.
            A. develop      B. to develop   C. to developing      D. developing
            15.My brother wants to work in the factory which ____ still ______.
            A. is building   B. has been built   C. is being built    D. is to be built
            16.______ he will return to his native land.
            A. It is long before that
            B. It is before long that
            C. It won’t be long before
            D. It will be long before that
            17. You are silly not _____ your door.
            A. to lock    B. to have locked   C. locking    D. having locked
            18. This man is difficult to ______.
            A. deal with     B. do with     C. be deal with    D. be done with
            19. Many kinds of animals and plants die ____ every year.
            A. down    B. away   C. out    D. from
            20. -----Are you coming to Jeff’s party?
               ----- I’m not ___. I might go to concert instead.
            A. for sure    B. sure   C. possible    D. definite
            二. 完形填空 (30分)
               There are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. But   21   a few of them are very   22  . English is one of these. Many, many people use it, not only in England and the U.S.A., but in other parts of the world. About 200,000,000 speak it as their own language. It is difficult to say how many people are learning it as a   23   language. Many millions are   24   to do so. Is it easy or difficult to learn English? Different people may have different   25   . Have you ever   26   ads( 广告) of this kind in the newspapers or magazines? "Learn English in six weeks, or your   27   back..." "Easy and funny! Our records and tapes    28   you master your English in a month.   29    the first day your   30   will be excellent. Just send ... “Of course, it never   31   quite like this.
                The only language that seems easy to learn is the mother tongue. We should   32   that we all learned our own language well when we were   33   . If we could learn English in the same way, it would not seem so difficult.   34    what a small child does. He listens to what people say. He tries what he hears. When he is using the language, talking in it,   35   in it all the time. Just imagine how much   36   that gets!
                So it is   37   to say that learning English is easy, because a good command of English   38   upon a lot of practice. And practice needs great effort and   39   much time. Good teachers, records, tapes, books, and dictionaries will   40   . But they cannot do the student's work for him.
            21. A. not         B. quite         C. only       D. very
            22. A. difficult   B. important   C. necessary    D. easy
            23. A. native      B. foreign      C. useful        D. mother
            24. A. learning    B. enjoying    C. trying        D. liking
            25. A. questions  B. problems    C. ideas         D. answers
            26. A. found       B. watched     C. noticed       D. known
            27. A. knowledge  B. time        C. money        D. English
            28. A. make        B. help         C. let             D. allow
            29. A. From        B. On           C. Since         D. After
            30. A. spelling    B. grammar     C. English      D. pronunciation
            31. A. happened   B. looked      C. seemed       D. felt
            32. A. know        B. remember    C. understand   D. think
            33. A. students   B. children     C. babies        D. grown-ups
            34. A. Imagine    B. Mind        C. Do            D. Think of
            35. A. using      B. thinking     C. trying         D. practicing
            36. A. time       B. money        C. language     D. practice
            37. A.

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