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            Unit5 Music检测题
            Ⅰ. 选择填空
            (   )1. His generosity _______ him the reputation of “The most generous man” in his area.
            A. made      B. earned         C. achieved        D. gave
            (   )2. The visitors said that they had never dreamed ______ such a beautiful scenery.
            A. there to be      B. of there to be    C. of there being       D. of being
            (   )3. Her parents want her to ________ in a government office, saying that a _____ job means ______ income, but she thinks the other way around.
            A. employ; secure; secure             B. be employed; certain; certain
            C. employ herself; sure; sure         D. be employed; secure; secure
            (   )4. In big cities like London, Paris, New York, you can see street musicians _____ all kinds of music such as Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, the Blues in the streets.
            A. perform           B. make             C. act                D. do
            (   )5. I’d like to have these documents _______ in a minute.
            A. sorting out      B. sorted out     C. to be sorted out     D. sort out
            (   )6. ---How are you getting on with Mary, your girl friend?
            A. Break up       B. Broken up          C. Break down       D. Broken down
            (   )7. It is a pity that none of the ______ stopped ______ the poor man lying there, begging.
            A. passer-bys; to help                       B. passers-by; helping
            C. passer-bys; helping                       D. passers-by; to help
            (   )8. When she was asked how she had managed to live _______ with the man she hated so much, she didn’t ______ to the question.
            A. at peace; respond                        B. in peace; answer  
            C. with peace; make an answer               D. in peace; respond
            (   )9. Every time the father comes into his room, the boy pretends ______ earnestly.
            A. reading        B. to be reading      C. to be read     D. to have read
            (   )10. Before agriculture ________, people made their living by hunting wild animals and their life was _______ of nature.
            A. came into being; at the mercy         B. was born; in the mercy
            C. began to exist; in danger             D. appeared; with the mercy
            (   )11. When the inspecting team said there was nothing illegal in the management of the company, the manager breathed deeply _______.
            A. with a relief    B. at a relief      C. in relief    D. to his relief
            (   )12. It is not easy for musicians to _____ the ability to compose songs and music at the same time.
            A. get          B. form          C. make             D. describe
            (   )13. The little girl is not quite confident ______ her ability to go to a key university and she is very sensitive _____ anything concerned with it.
            A. of; of        B. in; to       C. of; with       D. about; about
            (   )14. They _____ on the little professor, but it led to his fierce criticism on us.
            A. played a joke      B. made fun    C. had fun   D. performed a joke
            (   )15. The picture in the advertisement showed an attractive actress playing _____, with her blouse hanging loosely to the floor.
            A. a musical instrument              B. a musical equipment
            C. musical instruments               D. musical instrument
            (   )16. Besides our group, we need some 20 extra workers _____ to get the work finished in time.
            A. around           B. about             C. or so              D. X
            (   )17. “ You have to trust in god, _______ friends and bank on education,” the teacher said in an honest voice.
            A. live on        B. rely on       C. keep on     D. insist on
            (   )18. _______honest, my father never tells lies but ______honest, I don’t think it a good way to live.
            A. To be; to be     B. Being; being     C. Being; to be    D. To be; being
            (   )19. If you receive a bunch of roses on Valentine’s Day, Do you know what hidden meaning is _______ to it?
            A. put       B. introduced          C. attached           D. tied
            (   )20. The girl was most _______ when the young man offered to suck the poison out of the snake bite in her leg and ______ that he was a reliable man to marry.
            A. moved; determined                  B. affected; decided  
            C. touched; made up her mind          D. moved; was determined
            (   )21. Some football fans, _____money was a big problem, could not afford to go the football court to see their star play.
            A. for whose         B. for whom       C. with whom        D. with whose
            (   )22. Could you tell me if there are any restaurants ______ we can have our lunch?
            A. around which      B. from which    C. around where      D. from where
            (   )23. We can hear sound because our earth is surrounded by thick air _____ sound can travel
            A. in that     B. by which    C. with which    D. through which
            (   )24. He arrived on the day ______ there happened to be no plane tickets left for Shanghai.
            A. on which         B. for which          C. with which     D. by which
            (   )25. The hiding man made a hole in the wall ______ he could observe the outside.
            A. in which      B. by which     C. through which      D. with which
            Ⅱ. 完形填空
            The story tell us about the British writer, Richard Savage. He was once living in London with   26   money in his pockets. In order to get some food and clothes he wrote the story of his life and managed to have it   27  .But not many copies of his books were  28  in the shops, and he was still living a hard life. Because of anxiety and malnutrition, he became very weak and before long fell   29  ,and a doctor was sent for. The doctor was not rich enough, but   30  literature. He tried his best to cure Savage of his illness and

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