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            Unit1 Festivals around the world 检测题
            1. With the development of modern science and technology, changes in the ways that people perform their work are sure to _______.
            A. to be taken place   B. take place   C. be happened   D. be replaced
            2.--Are you hungry?
            --Yes. I ________.
            A. have starved             B. will be starved to death
            C. I am starving            D. starve to death.
            3. The origins of some religious ceremonies are in no way ________.
            A. to find out   B. to be discovered   C. discovered   D. found out
            4. Many festivals are held _______ our ancestors for their contribution to the world.
            A. in honor of  B. in the honor of    C. in memory to   D. in the memory of
            5. Please never do such things _______ other people.
            A. that will do harm to           B. as will do harm to 
            C. as they will do harm to         D. which are harmful to
            6.  Standing on top of the mountain, the travelers ______ their eyes on the breath-taking scenery below.
            A. treated    B. feasted   C. pointed   D. fed
            7. Different peoples _______ at different festivals in different ways because of their cultural or religious _____.
            A. dress up; beliefs   B. put on; believes 
            C. wear; belief      D. dress up; believes
            8. ______his arrival at the classroom on his first day at school, the teacher _______.
            A. At; was played a trick on          B. On; played a trick at his students
            C. To; played a trick on his students    D. On; was played a trick on
            9. _______ were given to those foreigners who helped the country ______ independence from Britain.
            A. Rewards; gain   B. Awards; make   C. Prizes; take   D. Awards; get
            10. The old professor travelled from one school to another, _______ first-hand information about the education situation in China.
            A. to gather    B. collecting   C. getting together   D. to get together
            11. Handsome, young, energetic and talented, the manager ________ both by the male and female in the company.
            A. is admired   B. is fond of   C. is enjoyed    D. is appreciated
            12. _______ the project completed, all the workers anxiously looked forward to _______what they should.
            A. With; be paid   B. After; pay   C. After; being paid   D. With; being paid
            13. Food, _____, shelter and transportation are the four basic necessities of life.
            A. clothes   B. clothing   C. cloth   D. dress
            14. The loud noise outside ______ our teacher’s voice so that we didn’t ______ what he was saying.
            A. put out; hear        B. drowned; make out  
            C. cut out; recognize   D. threw away; know
            15. She promised to ______ at the meeting but she didn’t ______.
            A. turn up; keep her word    B. present; keep her promise 
            C. attend; turn up      D. appear; keep her words
            16. It was obvious that the ship ______ on its voyage without _______ from the officials in charge or it would not have sailed off so secretly.
            A. set off; a permission     B. set out; permission 
            C. set off; permit      D. set out; a permit
            17. Whoever ______ such a rare chance to get promoted is a fool
            A. throw out   B. throw away   C. throw off   D. throw up
            18. The old man is so ______ that he has to ______ his meals every day.
            A. forgettable; be reminded of   B. forgetful; be remembered of
            C. forgetful; be reminded of     D. forgettable; be remembered of
            19. She is thin ______ as though she never ______ anything.
            A. for the bone; ate      B. to the bone; ate  
            C. with the bone; eats     D. to the bone; eats
            20. With pressure from life and work increasing day by day, there should be something for people to ______
            A. make fun of   B. have fun with   C. play tricks on  D. have for fun
            21. _______ and see how long you can ______it.
            A. Take your breath; hold    B. Hold your breath; do
            C. Catch your breath;     D. Make your breath; make
            22. ---You should ______ to her for what you did _____her the other day.
               ---Why should I? It was not my fault.
            A. apologize; to;      B. have apologized; to; 
            C. apologize; with;    D. have apologized; about
            23. Day and night, the old woman wept over the death of her only son, ______ she forgave the driver who killed him.
            A. as though   B. even though   C. all though   D. even
            24. She _______ her tears and continued to fight against the cruel customs that killed her daughter.
            A. wiped out   B. wiped away   C. wiped up   D. wiped down
            25. I really don’t understand what_______ it ______ to hold beauty contest worldwide. In my opinion, it is a waste of money, time and energy.
            A. on the earth; is     B. on earth; means  
            C. at all; means        D. in the world; is
            Barbara was driving her six-year-old son, Benjamin, to his piano lesson on the highway. They were late and Barbara was   26   tired. She had worked extra shifts as a night  27  nurse. The sleet(雨夹雪) storm and icy roads  28  her tension. She was thinking of turning around at once.
                Suddenly a car ahead of them lost control on a patch of ice and crashed  29  into a telephone pole. The impact was horrible.
               Barbara pulled onto the road’s shoulder. Thank God she was a nurse—her skill might make a  30  in the fate of these  31  passengers! But what about

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