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            Unit 2 Healthy eating检测题
            (   )1.—__________I return the dictionary within three days?
            —No, you __________.You _________keep it for five days.
            A. May; needn't; will                 B. Can; mustn't; would
            C. Must; don't have to; can           D. Shall; can't; should
            (   )2. Sir, you ______ be sitting in this waiting room. It is for women and children only.
            A. oughtn’t to    B. can’t       C. won’t       D. needn’t
            (   )3. She is already two hours late. What _________to her?
            A. can have happened                B. must have happened
            C. should have happened             D. must happen
            (   )4. Mary __________ the job he offered to her, but she didn’t.
            A. can’t take       B. ought to have taken    
            C. should take       D. must have taken
            (   )5. He sat at the desk, __________ a novel.
            A. read            B. to read          C. reading         D. reads
            (   )6. If you cheat in the exam, you could hardly _________ it.
            A. throw away       B. get away     C. get away from    D. get away with
            (   )7. I know he hasn’t finished the work, but _________, he has done his best.
            A. at all        B. in all       C. after all    D. above all
            (   )8. Which food is called ________ food, milk, sugar or beans?
            A. energy-given    B. body-building   C. energetic    D. protection
            (   )9.--How well did John do in the match?
            --Wonderful. I think we can’t have a ______ player in our football team.
            A. good          B. well        C. better            D. best
            (   )10. I’m really tired _______ Tom. He had me _________ for two hours in the rain.
            A. of, waiting     B. with; wait    C. of; waited    D. with; waited
            (   )11. The old machine is _________.
            A. of useless    B. of not use      C. no use      D. of no use
            (   )12. She _________ down her book and ________ in bed.
            A. lay; laid      B. laid; lay     C. lay; lay     D. laid; laid
            (   )13. No potatoes for me—I’m _______ a diet.
            A. at                B. in            C. on               D. with
            (   )14. The speed of cars and trucks is _____ to 30 kilometers per hour in large cities in China.
            A. limited       B. limiting       C. limiting to   D. limited to
            (   )15. Smoking is a bad habit. You should _________ it.
            A. throw away         B. get away with       C. get rid of       D. throw
            Everyone needs water and a diet  16   healthy foods. These foods should    17  some fat, some fiber, a little salt and so on.
            People need energy to live. They eat all kinds of foods   18    change into energy. Our bodies use different   19   of energy. The energy is measured in calories(卡路里). The more   20   we take, the more calories we burn.  Even when you are   21   , you are using energy---about 65 calories an hour. While you are at school, or walking home, your body is   22  up 100 calories an hour. When playing football or basketball, you might be using 400 calories an hour. On   23   Day, during the relay race, you will use most of all, perhaps as   24   as 650 calories an hour.
            The Chinese diet is considered to be the healthiest in the world.  It contains a lot of fruit and green vegetables. It is   25   in fiber and low in sugar and fat. The Chinese eat less sugar than many   26   countries in the world. That is   27   lots of people in China have white teeth.
                People in the Western world do not eat   28  healthy foods. They eat too much fat and sugar and don’t take   29  exercise. Because of this, they   30  very easily. In order to   31  with the quick pace(步伐) of their life and work, they eat a lot of fast food. They eat a lot of sweets, soft drinks, potato crisps, chocolate, butter and ice cream and so on,  32  are called  33  food by some epicureans(美食家). The result is that many of them become fat. In order to avoid    34__ fat and   35  it is advisable(明智的) to eat a balanced diet and not eat too many foods that have a high calorie rating.
            (   )16. A. above   B. of   C. at       D. over
            (   )17. A. include  B. hold  C. contain   D. make up
            (   )18. A. which   B. what   C. where     D. it
            (   )19. A. numbers  B. amounts  C. plenty  D. deal
            (   )20. A. exercise  B. exercises C. sport   D. game
            (   )21. A. sleepy  B. running  C. working  D. asleep
            (   )22. A. running  B. adding  C. burning  D. wasting
            (   )23. A. Children  B. Work   C. Sports  D. Sport
            (   )24. A. much   B. many   C. few   D. little
            (   )25. A. poor   B. low   C. rich   D. plenty
            (   )26. A. more   B. other   C. rest   D. others
            (   )27. A. Why   B. because  C. because of D. since
            (   )28. A. so      B. very   C. much   D. such
            (   )29. A. a number of   B. too much C. masses of D. enough
            (   )30. A. lose weight   B. put on weight C. die D. stay healthy
            (   )31. A. keep up  B. carry on  C. keep on  D. go on
            (   )32. A. as      B. these   C. which     D. they
            (   )33. A. bad   B. diseased  C. healthy  D. junk
            (   )34. A. to get  B. becoming  C. to become D. get
            (   )35. A. keep thin B. keep fit  C. stay calm D. fall ill
            People have strange ideas about food. For example, tomato is a kind of very delicious vegetable. It is one of useful plants that can be prepared in many ways. It has rich nutrition(营养) and vitamin in it. But in the 18th century, Americans never ate tomatoes. They grew them in their gardens because tomato plants are so pretty. But they thought the vegetable was poisonous(有毒的). They called tomatoes “poison apples”.
                President Thomas Jefferson, however, know tha

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