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            Unit 3 The Million Pound Ba-Note 检测题
            1. --- Can I smoke here? --- No,       at no time in the library.
            A. smoking permits              B. smoking does permit 
            C. smoking is permitted         D. is smoking permitted
            2. A cow is ______ as a horse.
            A. strong as an animal           B. as strong an animal 
            C. as a strong animal             D. as an animal strong
            3. The moment the cat heard the mice _______ noises, it rushed out ________ the door.
            A. make; from                   B. making; behind 
            C. make; from behind            D. making; from behind
            4. The police found that the house ____ and a lot of things _____.
            A. has been broken into; has been stolen    B. had broken into; had been stolen
            C. has been broken into; stolen          D. had been broken into; stolen
            5. _____ troubles me is _____ I don’t know _____ is to be done with the new machine.
            A. What; what; that                    B. What; that; how 
            C. What; that; what                    D. What; because; which
            6. Why not seize it _______ you’ve got such a good chance?
            A. now that      B. that      C. where      D. which
            7. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is_____ I disagree.  
            A. why   B. what   C. where   D. how
            8. When you go outing with your sisters you must see to ______ that they are safe.
            A. everything  B. it    C. them   D. yourself
            9. He wishes to make friends with ______ shares his hobbies.
            A. no matter who B. whoever  C. whomever  D. anyone
            10. ---Can I use your dictionary? ---______.
            A. Go ahead, help yourself, please      B. Yes, you could  
            C. With pleasure                   D. It doesn’t matter
            11. Excuse me, I have no ___ on me. Can you ____ the note of 100 yuan?
            A. changes; changes       B. changes; change  
            C. change; change         D. changed; changed
            12. I don’t mind _____ the decision as long as it is not too late.
            A. you to delay making            B. your delaying making 
            C. your delaying to make          D. your delay to make
            13. The audience clapped their hands _____ the music.
            A. in time to     B. on time with    C. at time with    D. behind time to
            14. --- The door was open. --- It ____ open. I had locked it myself and the key was in my pocket.
            A. can’t be         B. mustn’t be  
            C. can’t have been  D. mustn’t have been
            15. _____ he can hardly read is ____ he is slow in mind.
            A. What; that  B. That; what  C. What; because  D. That; because
            16.The policeman ______ to the bed clothes and tried to find out whom they _______.
            A. get close; belonged             B. got close; belonged to 
            C. got closely; beloning to       D. got closely; was belonged to
            17. Do you think_____ I should take part in the competition?
            A. when      B. why    C. where    D. that
            18. _____ American English with British English and you’ll find interesting differences between them.
            A. Compared  B. Comparing    C. Compare  D. If you compare
            19. I really don’t know_____ Mary found her lost pen the day before yesterday.
            A. where it was that    B. where was it that 
            C. it was where that    D. it was that where
            20. In fact, he _____ in bed all the morning without doing anything, but he _____ to me about that.
            A. lied; lied  B. lay; lay  C. lied; lay  D. lay; lied
            II. 单词拼写
            21. The s________ of this play is laid in Ireland.
            22. The eyewitness gave an a________ of the traffic accident.
            23. The singer made her first a________ in a concert in Boston.
            24. If other men spoke to his wife intimately (亲密地) he was immediately j________.
            25. She s________ as if she had seen a snake.
            26. On her small income they live very s________.
            27. I didn’t mine. I________, I was pleased.
            28. Prices have risen steadily in the past d________.
            29. We were all entertained by his h________ stories.
            30. They are the two main c________ in the play.
            III. 改错 
            I have received your letter last week. Don’t worry about me. 31. ___________
            I’m getting on well with my research works in the lab. But 32.___________
            to my surprise you say you will give up learn English.  33.___________
            The reason is because you have not done well in it recently     34.___________
            and you have lost interesting. I’m afraid I can’t agree with35.___________
            you. I know it is not easy to learn English, and English 36.___________
            is widely used in the world today and it will be important 37.___________
            tool in your future work.. Beside, it is becoming more and38.___________
            more important in our daily life. If you study hard, and  39.___________
            you will succeed. Do remember: Where there is a will there40.__________
            is a way. I’m looking forward to hearing good news from you.   

            I. 1-5. CBDDC / 6-10ACBBA / 11-15CBACD /16-20 BDCAD
            II. 21.scene  22.account  23.appearance  24.jealous  25.screamed 
            26.simply  27.Indeed  28.decade  29.humorous  30.characters
            Ⅲ.I have  received your letter last week.. Don’t worry about me.31. have
            I’m getting on well with my research works in the lab. But  32. work   
            to my surprise you say you will give up learn English.   33. learning
            The reason is because you have not done well in it recently  34. that  
            and you have lost interesting. I’m afraid

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