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            英语必修Ⅲ人教新课标Unit4检测题Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars

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            英语必修Ⅲ人教新课标Unit4检测题Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars
            1. Though great progress has been made in astronomy in the past fifty years, ______ still much that remains mysterious to astronomers _______ the universe, even the solar system.
            A. It is; of   B. there is; about   C. It is; with   D. there is; with
            2. People in China ______ full freedom of religion but any religious group that is engaged ______ something illegal shall be dismissed
            A. like; in   B. enjoy; in   C. appreciate; to   D. are fond of; with
            3. The scientists claimed( 声称) to _______ a jet plane that uses atomic energy as propelling _____, but they can’t produce an atom of evidence to prove it.
            A. design; power   B. have designed; power  
            C. design; force   D. have designed; strength
            4. Many environmentalists think that carbon dioxide is _______ for the global warming, which affects billions and billions of species across the globe.
            A. blamed   B. to be blamed   C. to blame    D. blaming
            5. Without the atmosphere _______ our earth from the sun, it _____ be too hot for any living things to live on.
            A. to protect; would   B. protecting; will  
            C. protests; will      D. protecting; would
            6. The constitution, unlike other forms of laws, is fundamental ______ our social system working properly.
            A. for keeping   B. to keeping   C. to keep    D. with keeping
            7. He has ______ his fortune many times since he began to deal in second-hand car business.
            A. added to    B. created       C. multiplied   D. risen
            8. Everybody present at the party was shocked at her violent reaction ______ the young man’s presence.
            A. with    B. to    C. for    D. by
            9. Don’t worry yourself too much about the situation. _______ will get better _______.
            A. Things; on time            B. Things; in time  
            C.  The things; with time     D. The things; on time
            10. It still puzzles the science world why some mammals produce their young ______ and hatching while others _____ to young babies.
            A. lying eggs; giving birth         B. by laying eggs; by giving birth 
            C. by laying eggs; give birth       D. laying eggs; giving birth
            11. The parents have devoted themselves to bringing up their children and now it is time for the children, ______, to show their devotion to their parents.
            A. in their turn    B. in their return   C. in return   D. in their turns
            12. The acid rain is one of the chain reactions that ______ by environmental pollution
            A. is come about    B. is caused   C. are given birth  D. are brought about
            13. Oxygen usually ______ in the form of gas in nature but when made cold enough, it can also take the form of solid.
            A. remains    B. stays     B. exists   D. survives
            14. The single invention of the computer _______ many new professions.
            A. gave a birth to   B. gave births to  
            C. gave birth to     D. gave birth for
            15.--Do you know what speed _______ for a rocket to escape from the pull or gravity of the earth to send a satellite into outer space?
            --No idea at all. I have never got the ______ of it.
            A. it needs; idea       B. is taken; hang 
            C. is needed; hang      D. it takes; thought
            16. It is never harmful _____ you to be polite and gentle to others and ______, as is often the case, you can get what you want.
            A. to; thus   B. for; thus   C. of; therefore    D. with; however
            17. It is predicted that a comet will probably hit the earth in about 10 years and scientists all over the world are thinking about possible ways to ________it from happening. Which of the following is not OK?
            A. protect    B. stop    C. keep    D. prevent
            18. _______ cars when you cross the busy street. Which of the following is not OK?
            A. Watch out for   B. Look out for     C. Watch over    D. Be careful of
            19. _______ you feel exhausted after the long tiring journey, you may as well take a good rest at home.
            A. So that    B. In that      C. Now that     D. In order that
            20. Be careful when you open an unknown document. It might contain the deadly virus which could entirely ______ your computer system in a minute.
            A. break down    B. crash    C. block out   D. dissolve
            21. ---My goodness! I failed again in the computer test.
            ---________. The world is not at an end.
            A. Look up    B. Pick up    C. Cheer up    D. Keep up
            22. Nobody in the family knows for sure why ________
            A. it broke out fierce quarrels between the newly wedded couple.
            B. the newly wedded couple often broke out fierce quarrels
            C. fierce quarrels often broke out between the newly wedded couple
            D. fierce quarrels were often broken out between the new wedded couple
            23. Astronauts in a spaceship have to _______weightless conditions _______are quite different from ______ on the earth. 
            A. do with; which; those     B. deal with; that; that  
            C. face; which; those        D. solve; where; what
            24. The pull of gravity depends upon size, _______, upon mass. An object, whether its mass is big or small on the earth, ________in weightless conditions, like the outer space.
            A. or rather; floats         B. rather than; flies 
            C. to be more exact; flies   D. other than; floats
            25. If the sun&rsquo

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