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            Unit5 Canada—“The True North”检测题

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            Unit5 Canada—“The True North”检测题
            1. Canada is the only country that _____ an entire continent in the world, facing the Atlantic ____ the east.
            A. makes up; on    B. covers; on   C. takes up; to    D. do up; in
            2. After visiting the harbor in the bay, they took a tour around the downtown area, ______ they visited many art galleries, shopping centers and had their lunch in a restaurant that served fancy foods.
            A. which       B. as     C. where      D. what
            3. As she was approaching the telephone booth at the street corner to make a call on a dark rainy night, a tall figure suddenly coming out of it terrified her, _____ that she screamed and started to run away.
            A. too terrified   B. so terrified  C. such terrified   D. very terrified
            4. The wealthy are always wealthy and the poor are always poor. It is extremely difficult for the poor _____wealthy, _____ they struggle to their full abilities.
            A. becoming; even if   B. to become; even so   
            C. becoming; if so     D. to become; even though
            5. The police were trying to _____ where the drug dealers were _____ it suddenly dawned upon them that they might be hidden somewhere 10 miles within the border between the two countries.
            A. come out; when       B. make out; while  
            C. figure out; when    D. think out; since
            6. It _______ this morning that two of the body guards of the prime minister got killed and the minister himself got ______ hurt in the violent car bomb explosion.
            A. officially announced; slightly      
            B. was officially announced; lightly
            C. was official announced; seriously   
            D. was officially announced; slightly
            7. Foreign visitors will be amazed ______ the art work of three cowboys on horseback ______ a crowd of cows back home along a road on the Rocky Mountains on one broad maple leaf.
            A. seeing; driving       B. to see; to drive  
            C. to see; driving       D. seeing; to drive
            8. The worried general was looking at the map when the idea of the enemy’s attack might be launched ______dawn ______ his mind.
            A. at; crossed             B. at; to cross  
            C. before; came across     D. after; went over
            9.  My father seems to have a natural gift _____ treating frostbites(冻伤). ______, he is able to cure it.
            A. at; however serious a frostbite is     
            B. for; whatever serious a frostbite is
            C. with; however a frostbite is serious   
            D. for; however serious a frostbite is
            10. Always surrounded by honors, praises and gifts, young kids nowadays are easy to suffer psychological problems when things _____ them.
            A. come across    B. go against    C. go through   D. go without
            11. On my way home, I saw a young man with _____ shoulders trying to find out how _____ the river is by walking across it.
            A. wide; wide   B. broad; broad   C. broad; wide   D. wide; broad
            12. The naughty boy spends most of his time playing computer games ______ his lessons.
            A. rather than study      B. other than studying 
            C. rather than studying   D. other than to study
            13. It was reported that the passenger ship was sailing eastwards in the Atlantic Ocean ______ its captain and some passengers on board_______ something supposed to be a UFO flying overhead.
            A. while; caught sight of            B. when; caught sight of  
            C. as; saw                           D. since; caught a sight of
            14. -- How do you keep in touch with your old classmates or schoolmates?
            -- By chatting with them on the Internet, _______for three hours every day.
            A. approximately    B. averagedly     C. mostly   D. absolutely
            15. Ten passengers ______ the plane, which crashed into the urban area last night because of the thick fog, are reported to have survived the crash, but the news has not been ______ yet by the officials in charge.
            A. on board; made known      B. aboard; confirmed 
            C. on board; said            D. aboard; made sure
            16. Just _____ oil ______ well with water, my little daughter never ______ well with her schoolmates in school.
            A. like; doesn’t mix; mix               B. as; is not mixed; get on  
            C. like; isn’t mixed; get along         D. as; doesn’t mix; mixes
            17. In his impressive manly voice, my father always _______the importance of setting proper goals in different stages of life.
            A. explains us        B. impresses on us   
            C. suggests to us     D. describes to us  
            18. A mixture of joy and anxiety ______ me as I watched the rocket soaring upward into the deep universe.
            A. held    B. caught   C. settled    D. measured
            19. When the seriously injured boy was taken to a ______ hospital, he was half conscious; while lying in bed, he heard a voice _______ calling him.
            A. close; at a distance       B. near; in the distance  
            C. nearby; in the distance    D. close; from distance
            20.  ________ development, a multicultural society is believed to have more advantages ______one that is mono-cultural
            A. As for;  about   B. To; over    C. As for; over   D. With; above
            21. The beautiful ________ beyond the mountain was so beautiful that the tourists couldn’t _____themselves away from it.
            A. scenery; tear    B. view; take   
            C. sight; keep    D. places of interest; pull
            22. Though difficult, I _

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