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             token 表示,标志,象征He did that as a ~ of good faith

              torture 拷打,拷问~ a confession from a prisoner

              trash n. 垃圾;拙劣的作品;渣滓,败类 vt.捣毁

              toxic a. 有毒的,因中毒引起的

              amaze 使惊愕,使惊异 I am amazed that he should get the post.

              ambiguous 含糊不清的,模棱两可的 an ambiguous answer

              ozone n. 臭氧;清新的空气

              pact n. 合同,条约,公约

              trace 痕迹,踪迹 The wound healed, leaving almost no ~ of a scar

              track 足迹,踪迹~s in the snow

              primitive 原始的,上古的,早期的 a ~ forest

              prior 在先的,在前的 Stop making public statements without their ~approval here

              privilege 特权,优惠,特免 In countries where there are still not many schools, education is a ~

              probe 探索,探查,调查~ the roots of war

              absolute 纯粹的,完全的 have absolute trust in sb.

              verge 边,边缘,边沿 the ~ of a stream

              verify 证明,证实Subsequent events verified my suspicions

              vertical 垂直的,立式的 a ~ engine

              veto 否决,否决权,否决权的行使 The rest of the committee could not accept the ~

              accustom 使习惯于 accustom oneself to rising (to rise) early

              acquaint 使认识,使了解

              tame 驯化的,驯服的,温顺的~animails

              tow 拖,拉,牵引 tow a damaged ship into port

              abstract 抽象的 A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is abstract.

              absurd 荒谬的,荒唐的 The idea that number 14 brings bad luck is absurd.

              uproar 骚乱,骚动The public ~ over unclear-radiation hazards

              continues to mount

              utilize 利用~ solar energy

              utter 发出(声音等),说,吐露~ the truth

              vacant 未被占用的 a ~ seat in a bus

              vague 含糊的,不明确的,模糊的 a ~ answer



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