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            In the bar chart, it shows the changes of the proportion of the students having part-time jobs during the four years’ study in college. The proportion increases slightly from the first year to the third year, however, the fourth year has witnessed a fast increase, surging to 88.24%.

            There is no denying that taking a part-time job certainly brings about both advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, students can learn how to get along well with others and know the society more profoundly by taking a part-time job. Furthermore, to take a part-time job provides the students with a valuable opportunity to put what he has learned from books into practice. Finally, students can make some money, which helps to unload their families’financial burden. However, problems may also arise. The main job of college students is to study, not to work. If they have part-time jobs, they may have to reduce their time for study. As a result, they may find it hard to adjust to what the college expects from them as well as their employers’ expectation, and finally, they may fall behind or fail in their studies.

            Due to the analysis above, you have to strike a balance between your study and the job. Study is your major task while a part time job is a minor one though work experience is desirable.

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