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              adhere to 忠于
              after all 毕竟,归根结底
              at random 随机地,任意地
              break out 突然发生,爆发
              break up 打碎
              but for 要不是
              by far 最,……得多
              by no means 决不,一点也不
              catch on 理解,明白
              catch up with 赶上
              collide with 碰撞,冲突
              come up with 想出,提出
              come up with 追及,赶上
              comment on 评论
              contrary to 与……相反
              contribute to 有助于,促成
              cope with 应付,妥善处理
              cut short 打断,制止
              do away with 消灭,废除,去掉
              do credit to 为……带来光荣
              due to 因为
              go in for 从事,致力于
              go off 爆炸
              hang by a thread 千钧一发,岌岌可危
              heap praise upon 对……大加称赞
              in accordance with 与……一致,按照,根据
              in between 在两者之间
              in case of 防备,以防
              in honour of 为纪念
              in response to 响应,反应
              in terms of 根据,从……方面来说
              in that 因为
              in the vicinity of 在附近 keep off 远离,抑制
              lay off (暂时)解雇
              letalone 更不必说
              look into 调查
              look on 看待
              lose no time 立即
              make sense of sth. 讲得通,言之有理
              of no avail 无用,无效
              on file 存档
              on no account 决不,绝对不
              on the decline 衰落中,衰退中
              out of stock 无现货的,脱销的
              provided that 假如,若是
              pull up 使停下
              put away 放好,放起来
              regardless of 不管,不顾
              result in 导致,结果是
              result in 发生,导致
              see to 照料,注意
              show to 引导,引领
              stand for 容忍,接受
              take on 承担,接受
              take over 接管,接收
              take to 对……产生好感,开始喜欢
              talk into 说服
              that is 即,也就是
              turn in 上交
              turn out 生产出
              turn to 求助于
              ward off 防止,避开
              with reference to 关于,有关
              work out 想出,制订出
              worth one’s while 值得


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