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              Red Army fought a battle on this very spot. 红军就在此地打过一仗。
              Not a single person has been in the office this afternoon. 今天下午竟然没有一个人来过办公室。
              I myself will see her off at the station. 我将亲自到车站为她送行。
              You can do it well yourself. 你自己能做好这件事情。
              The baby is generally healthy, but every now and then she does catch a cold. 那孩子的健康状况尚好,但就是偶尔患感冒。
              Do be quiet. I told you I had a headache. 务必安静,我告诉过你,我头疼。
              He drank it to the very last drop.他把它喝得一干二净。
              Only in this way can we wipe out the enemy troops. 只有用这样的方法我们才能消灭敌军。
              He didn’t answer even my letter.他甚至连我的信都不回。
              I will too go! 我要去的!
              The scenery is just superb. 风景真是美极了。
              五、用“...and that”,“...and those”,“not...too much”,“否定加否定”等结构表示强调
              They fulfilled the task, and that in a few days. 他们在几天内完成的就是那项任务。
              I gave her some presents, and those the day before yesterday. 前天我送给她的就是那些礼物。
              I can’t thank you too much. 我无论怎样感谢你都不过份。
              I am not unfaithful to you. 我对你无比忠诚。
              六、用短语“in every way”,“in no way”,“by all means”,“by no means”,“only too”,“all too”,“but too”,“in heaven”,“in the world”,“in hell”,“on earth”,“under the sun”等表示强调
              His behaviour was in every way perfect. 他的举止确实无可挑剔。
              By all means take your son with you. 你一定要把儿子带来。
              The news was only too true. 这消息确实是事实。
              It was over all too soon! 此事的确了结得很快!
              Where in heaven were you then?当时你到底在哪里?
              Nobody under the sun would buy that car. 确实没有人会买那辆车。
              the truth. 酒后吐真言。
              It was the headmaster who opened the door for me. 正是校长为我开的门。
              It was yesterday that we carried out that experiment. 就是在昨天我们做了那个实验。


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