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            借钱是否对友谊有害?Does Borrowing Money do Harm to Friendship?

            文章分类:四级 发表时间:2013-12-4 7:07:23

            There is an old saying in china, “depends on neighbor at home, goes out depending on the friends” which means friend is very important to us. Except for listening to our gloomy, sharing happiness with us, friend also the one who come forward to help us when we are in trouble, as we are the same. However, many people think borrow money from friends will affect friendship, in my opinion, I think the idea is too one-side.


            If it’s fail to borrow money from friends, there will be suspicion between each other, which would break their friendship. Moreover, how do you know whether your friends can offer you the money? He may be embarrassed to acknowledge he’s a little short of funds himself, or maybe the money he lends you maybe he just needs too. If succeed borrow money from friends, but can not return money to him on time, friends would be in financial problem, which also will break friend’s relationship.


            As the saying goes, has borrow has also, again borrow is not difficult, which suggest us keep good credit and return fund in time, and then borrow money from friends would not hurt friendship.



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