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              Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

              Since people's criteria for success differ, there is much debate over whether only those who make a lot of money are successful. As far as I am concerned, in today's society which stresses on individual achievement, money provides the best evaluation of one's accomplishment.

              To begin with, as a standardized measurement used for comparing values, money is objective rather than subjective, so it is considered an authentic reflection of one's achievement. As different people hold different understandings of success, assessing the amount of one's earnings has become universally accepted as a rule to measure one's success. Each year, Fortune Magazine publishes a special issue to rank the top 100 most successful people throughout the world according to their yearly income, because there is no other methods to rely on.

              In addition, the amount of money one makes is the consequence of one's hard work and talent. To deny the accomplishment wealth brings is equal to deny the sources from which it springs. In the past, I only believed in spiritual values and then leapt rashly to the conclusion that the best thing in life involves no money at all. It is my uncle who showed me the significance of money and changed my opinion. He told me he respected money and made it a goal to strive for in his way towards success. Because he would have to pay a price for it in terms of time, thought and energy.

              Gradually, I came to realize it is the mental and physical labor he devotes in the process of making money that paves his way for self-accomplishment, and thus deserves appreciation and respect.

              Finally, money is the most powerful possession in one's lifetime. As everyone knows, success is the ability to do whatever one wants to and to be satisfied with oneself. There is hardly anything that can be done without a certain amount of money. Indeed, with money, one can meet his or her material demand in life, such as taking effective medicines, living in magnificent houses, eating various delicious food, and so on. Also, with money, one can do a lot of meaningful things to benefit others, such as donations to poor people. All these will not only satisfy one's need for personal fulfillment, but also add grandness to one's success.

              In conclusion, money serves as a measurement of one's achievement. But we should keep in mind that only those who obtain money by hardworking and use it to benefit the society are really successful.


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