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            Home of the bamboo forest家乡的竹林

            文章分类:小学 发表时间:2017-3-27 21:14:27
            Home of the bamboo forest家乡的竹林

            There was a bamboo forest behind my house, and it was beautiful all year round.在我家房子的后面有一片竹林,一年四季都很美丽。

            Spring, after a few spring rain, where to walk, often see many fresh bamboo shoots quietly stuck his head from the soil. If they let them grow a few weeks will grow green leaves, green pole; chicken, we rural people always keep a few, so often see a hen led a group of chickens, in the bamboo Find something to eat; or see a big cock, walking in the bamboo bush.春天,几场春雨过后,到那里走走,常常会看见许多鲜嫩的竹笋悄悄地从土里探出头来。若是让它们再长几个星期就会长出绿的叶、青的竿;鸡,我们乡下人家总要养几只的,所以也常常会看见一只母鸡带领着一群小鸡,在竹林里找东西吃;或是看见一只大公鸡,在竹林里大踏步地走来走去。
            Summer, the new long out of the bamboo, has grown a green. The weather is very hot, tired adults can go to this green shade shade cool, I did not idle, I will and my little partners in this shade play, and so tired, we sat on the ground , While rest while enjoying the beauty of this bamboo forest.夏天,新长出来的竹子,已经长得一片翠绿。天气很热的时候,劳累的大人们可以到这绿绿的浓荫下乘凉,我也没有闲着,我会和我的小伙伴们在这浓荫下玩耍,等玩累了,我们就坐在地上,一边休息一边欣赏这竹林的美景。
            Autumn, although the leaves are also leaves, but the leaves will not all light, a large part of the leaves will stay on the bamboo pole. Every time this time, grandmother will be the underground of these leaves are home, fire cooking.秋天,虽然竹子也落叶,但是叶子不会全部落光,一大部分的叶子还会留在竹竿上的。每到这个时候,祖母就会把地下的这些叶子都弄回家,烧火做饭。

            Winter, snow, these bamboo one by one are wearing a white clothes, really like a beautiful snow princess. Snow to the bamboo pressure is very short, as long as there is wind blowing, bamboo like a personal, bent over to nod to you.

            This bamboo is very beautiful all year round, I love the hometown of bamboo, love my beautiful home!冬天,一下雪,这些竹子一个个都穿上了雪白的衣裳,真像美丽的白雪公主。雪把竹子压得很矮,只要有风吹过来,竹子就像一个个人一样,弯着腰向你点头示意。



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