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            “一二三”三人组"123" trio

            文章分类:小学 发表时间:2017-3-30 9:09:05


            "123" trio


            Every time I jump ball, I hate very much, because I jump boots too funny, however, someone to accompany me, this let me injured little heart better.




            "I'm brave and courageous", under the rope scratched a not perfect arc in the air, I want to jump in, but I am all feet again, like being lead, one step also don't go out.


            "One, two, three, one, two, three, jump!"


            Students with excellent grades vens Vivian call way.


            Vens Vivian said to "jump", I jumped in the past miracle.


            After every time it's my turn to jump ball, I will count "one, two, three", every time also count at the same time, I have hand clenched, before in his left foot, right foot, a pair of boxing.


            However, followed by students with excellent grades vens Vivian, should be and I are the same person, but when she is ready to skip the movement range of smaller than I.


            Break the Lai Zheng jump posture even more ridiculous, she besides will count can jump over it, jump posture is this: when two basic in vertical state, bobbing up and down, very rhythmic.


            Seemed to pick yourself up, and cheer to the wheels and their he activating and jump, lift was up with one hand, she is ready to become a cowgirl?


            Ride the horse, holding a rope tied to a circle, swinging in the air is so cool!


            I think, the entire grade, only the three of us count rope skipping "revolution" lesbian."


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