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            Winter new mothers how to confinement? In the cold winter, is it right? Just stay in bed, covered Yanyanshishi have no danger of anything going wrong? That was completely mistaken, winter confinement, more need to follow the 9 points for attention.
            A new mothers to loose, comfortable clothes, cold winter weather, new mothers breastfeeding, taking care of the babies are more likely to have chills. Due to pregnancy in vivo savings of a portion of the liquid to be discharged more sweat, sweat, dirt dirty clothes, so should always take a shower and wash frequently change underwear, to keep the skin clean. Peas in clothing to new mothers offer the following recommendations:
            1, should choose loose, soft and comfortable cotton or wool cloth coat trousers, to keep the mood and the baby visual development good stimulation, may also choose some bright colors, lively negligee.
            2 postpartum breast tube in an opening shape, in order to avoid the breast pipe plug, the bra should choose cotton fabrics, and best equipped with open pyjamas and sweaters with convenient lactation.
            3 due to postpartum pores are open, easy to sweat, daily should be replaced underwear. Winter time difference in temperature change is bigger, should pay attention to by Tim clothes, to prevent the common cold, wet clothes to wash. Clothes washing the clothes, the best in the sunlight to achieve sterilization effect.
            4 to prevent infections and allergies, should avoid using fiber underwear.
            5 " cold from the sole life " and kidney in heels, so should wear cotton socks, thick sole shoes. At the bedside to prepare a nightgown, midnight feeding should promptly put on, so as not to catch cold.

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