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            法律、法学 Law

            文章分类:英语综合 发表时间:2012-12-17 16:00:58

            The subject of law fascinates me extensively. I am intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. I feel I would be suited to a law degree as I am at my best when challenged,relish the opportunity of lateral thinking and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations.

            I have improved my understanding of the law by spending 8 weeks in a Solicitors Office. I benefited from this vastly,as I was able to attend both Basingstoke's County and Magistrates Courts on frequent occasions,to take notes and observe cases that my employer was accountable for. The experience was enthralling as I learnt about the work undertaken at a small high-street firm,the ambience of a courtroom,and more about the officials that occupy it.

            Recently,I attended Winchester Crown Court to gain first-hand experience of a complex and serious murder case. The defendant used the partial defence of provocation on the grounds of an affair,which was later dismissed. I had strong feelings about the handling and outcome of the case,which confirmed my thoughts of law as a career. I am looking forward to attending a conference in London next month where Chris Clarkson is lecturing.

            At my secondary school I had the privilege of becoming Head Boy. As part of this role I gave many speeches to my contemporaries from different schools,as well as parents and professionals. I also chaired the Student Council where I had an active input into my school's welfare,delegated workloads and took expeditions with
            teachers representing the school as an ambassador. I also helped with the bid for my school's conversion to 'Technology College Status'. And was awarded the 'Harriet Costello Award' for achieving the highest
            GCSE results in the academic year 2001-2002.

            I enjoy English because I am able to express myself creatively through essays and discussion. I am reading Dickens' 'Great Expectations' as part of my English Literature course,and have found the depiction of the Victorian legal system of particular interest.

            Outside of my compulsory activities,I have taken part in Karate for 10 years; achieving the highest standard of black belt. This experience has taught me about dedication and focus. I am an avid reader,and enjoyed reading G. Williams' 'Learning the Law' which addresses many issues facing a law student. Helena Kennedy's 'Eve was Framed' opened my eyes to the problems facing women encountering the legal system,and I am currently reading J.A.G Griffiths' 'The Politics of the Judiciary'. I keep abreast of legal issues by doing background research and reading The Times' weekly legal supplement.

            I was Managing Director of my Young Enterprise's (YE) Company entitled 'Starz'. YE is a national charity which educates young people through enterprise and business simulation. As Director.I wrote a report which consequently won 'Best Company Report 2001'. I was also the Managing Director of my school's team at the Business Challenge 2000. Having copious amounts of practice in managerial positions has helped boost my confidence, and improve my time-management skills.

            From my experiences thus far,I feel that I would be greatly suited to university life. I am confident the social and academic lifestyle at university would allow me to develop as a person. I would like to become a solicitor and believe that a law degree will significantly aid me to achieve this goal.


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