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              The 'maximal perigee' on Saturday night has only a minimal effect on seismic activity and cannot be linked with last week's earthquakes in Japan.
              The rare lunar occurrence, when Earth's natural satellite is only a mere 356,575 kilometers out in orbit, brings the moon to its closest position to Earth.
              This phenomenon of extreme proximity, known as 'maximal perigee,' only occurs once every 18 years. In addition to appearing to be uncommonly big to stargazers, the moon will also be in its full phase. However, what some might see as an interesting astronomical event raises concerns for others.
              Despite opinions being dispersed over the Internet that the 'super moon' will lead to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, geologist Bill Burton with the US Geological Survey says that this is unlikely.
              "There are just too many factors that go into seismic activity to make that statement," Burton told Discovery News. "I think you'd be hard pressed to see a difference in tectonic activity during different lunar phases."
              Severe natural disasters such as the earthquake off the coast of Japan last week can raise questions about all of the factors involved. Research geophysicist Malcom Johnston with the USGS says that blaming such events on the moon's orbit is not a new idea.

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