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              I suddenly want to drink apple vinegar, pour a little in the cup, add a little water, and taste the vinegar taste a little bit: it's sour, only a little sweet, but it is so delicious. Although my brow crumpled into a group, teeth are trembling, but my heart is full of happiness. It felt like a magnet and sucked some memories into my mind. The acid and sweet taste made me think of me jealous when I was in primary school.
              When I was in primary school, I loved my cousin's vinegar. Cousin a lot younger than me, every time he came home, everyone rushed up to hold him, tease him play for a while, squeezed his face, while touch his head, pulling his hand for a moment, the people: "There were many discussions. More and more lovely!" "really handsome!" "is like father ah." Cousin ha ha smile, very lively. I am not good at playing with children, so I sit in a corner to do my homework. Inevitably, loneliness strikes me from all sides. I feel how lonely and helpless I feel in a flash. Whenever this time, I will run to my "secret base", head buried in his arms, a quick cry. Tears spilled on my clothes. I was so red eyes, wet back, no one cares. I am often ignored and jealous.
              I grew up, more and more friends, and they often asked me to play together. A little firefly ran to me said: "the rain will be available on Saturday? Let's go to the park!" I haven't had time to react, you suddenly appeared in front of me, excitedly shouting: "on Saturday we go to pizza hut for dinner, there is a discount!" my heart began to tangle: what is with little fireflies or with you? I want to go, or to the temptation of some delicacy I. "Little firefly, I'm sorry.". I want to accompany you to go to pizza hut, next week to play with you, OK? "I looked up and saw the little firefly jealous look: eyes full of grievances, pouting, and silently walked scattered away. I immediately felt the heart sour. Accompany you Saturday dinner, I always think of small fireflies jealous like, with guilt. Even if my favorite pizza is right in front of me, I feel so cool.
              In fact, jealous is not a bad thing. Jealous is because care, care about other people's concern for him (her), love for him (her). So, jealous, is also a kind of happiness.


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