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              "May five" is the Dragon Boat festival. The mugwort leaf, wearing sachet, eat dumplings, sprinkle sugar, dragon boat launching Beaming with Joy." At this time, a song about Dragon Boat festival. Every the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of Chinese, Luciano Qu Yuan.
              Legend of Qu Yuan's death, Chu abnormal grief people have flocked to the Miluo River to pay homage to Qu Yuan. The fishermen rowed boats in the river and for his body. They fall over each other when not a trace Zhuizhi Dongting Lake, after a year at the beginning of May five to commemorate the Dragon Boat racing. Dragon boat rowing to disperse the fish in the river, so as not to eat fish Qu Yuan's body. Therefore, every Dragon Boat Festival, we should eat zongzi, dragon boat racing. Our family every Dragon Boat Festival, but also the whole family sitting together, dumplings.
              After breakfast, mother began to pack zongzi. Dumplings are divided into two kinds: one is the shape of dumplings, a tail dumplings. She often said, "the dumplings wrapped in reed leaves are the sweetest."." So every time she packs zongzi, she leaves it with reed leaves. She put the reed leaves in the warm water before the bag, and mixed the prepared glutinous rice with the dates and peanuts. When the reed leaves are soft, they can be packed when cooled. Saw her take three leaves, the three leaves rolled into a cone, and then put a jujube, and then put glutinous rice and peanuts in it, wrapped up and tied with rope, finished. Mother's zongzi is big and strong, like a pack of burden. Finally, put them in a cage and steam for thirty minutes. Looking at these big dumplings, the saliva kept flowing down.
              After eating dumplings, mother took out her bags and colorful rope, bring me. Mom said that there is a special material sachet, can emit bursts of fragrance, can be repellent, also let oneself in hot weather mood.
              The Dragon Boat Festival is my favorite festival. On this day, not only can eat dumplings, dragon boat racing, but also with family dumplings dumplings, very happy.
              香囊sachet; perfume satchel; perfumed medicine bags端午节the Dragon Boat Festival
              儿歌children's song; nursery rhymes
              屈原Qu Yuan
              哀痛grief; deep sorrow; feel the anguish of sorrow汨罗the Miluo River (in Hunan Province)
              凭吊visit (a historical site, etc.) and ponder on the past真身the real body of God or Buddha
              洞庭湖The Dongting Lake
              在一起in harness; in tow


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