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            文章分类:小学作文 - 六年级作文 发表时间:2017-6-3 9:16:20

              During the summer vacation, the weather was so sultry that big drops of sweat rolled down my face. How much I need the cool wind! However, the wind and I hide and seek, I do not know where to hide. Even a little wind is warm, can not disperse the heat. Suddenly, a cloud of black clouds rose from the horizon, and I jumped with joy. After a while, it began to rain cats and dogs. I took an umbrella, ran downstairs, the district where the flowers and grass is like a small stage, small raindrops on danced a merry dance.
              In the evening, I had just had supper and it stopped raining. I went to the balcony and breathed the fresh air. I saw the water on the leaves glittering and translucent. It was so beautiful. At this time, a curved rainbow appeared in the sky. It looked like a colorful bridge. The rainbow is made up of red, cyan, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple, and between two different colors, as well as the middle, is magical and beautiful, and spectacular!
              The view of summer is so charming that it has created a dynamic human world!
              汗珠beads of sweat
              捉迷藏hide-and-seek; blindman's buff; be tricky and evasive; play hide-and-seek到哪里whither
              暖烘烘nice and warm; warm and comfortable; comfortably warm吹散blowing off
              高兴地gladly; jauntily; rejoicingly; merrily不一会儿in a moment; in a little while; after a while; a few moments later倾盆大雨downpour; cloudburst; a flood [torrent] of rain; a heavy downpour; a pounding, continuous torrent在上面on top


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