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              Beautiful countryside
              The country is beautiful, whether it is morning, noon, evening or evening.
              In the morning, I walk on the road in the country, and the flowers and trees on the road are my companions. The sky can see an indistinct, large yellow yolk. On the road sometimes see the big cock standing on the roof "Oh - OH - Oh," cried, I thought: a cock crowing! At this time the sun was the rooster woke up, the sky red red The red sun rises in sky., like a pot of water boiling, gushing out, crystal bright.
              The saying "afternoon time, sun is the most poisonous" is true. The sun is a big ball of fire, and the earth is an egg on a pan. You see: the leaves are burned by "big fireball". Don't look at the grass. It's tender and touching! Is that grass? It is a hot iron needle, sharp and hot. You must burn your feet red and red!
              In the evening, sunset, sunset is like a drunken man, fell on the side of the mountain, the mountain and water into half red, half of the mountain and water become yellow, see the duckling to a golden duck, the cat became the golden cat, even the old grandfather also became a gold beard man......
              Night, everything was quiet, the stars twinkle, Jing Ming, no noise, it seems that everything is still. Only the stars are still staring, curious to see a beautiful picture......
              How beautiful! I love the beautiful countryside!重点词汇释义在路上on the way
              好一个what a
              雄鸡rooster; cock; chanticleer
              报晓crow; herald the break of day; announce the arrival of dawn; be a harbinger of dawn旭日东升The red sun rises in [from] the east.; in the ascendant; The morning sun rises in the east [eastern] sky.; The red sun is rising over the eastern horizon.
              满天skyful; all over the sky
              喷薄gush; spurt; in a gushing [spurting] manner晶莹sparkling and crystal-clear; glittering and translucent火球fireball


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